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About Us

My Safe Haven is known to help participants reach their fullest potential in all aspects. Our caregiving staff assists you in undertaking different tasks to live a fulfilling life. We provide the support that allows you to grow in various aspects without making you feel vulnerable about acing new feats. Our NDIS services are aimed at making you live in the most independent way achieving your goals holistically while building your capacity. Our programs promote inclusivity, giving you the confidence to build connections face to face.

Citizens of Australia or Permanent Residents, from the age of 7 to 65 years old, and have a major or permanent disability are qualified to apply to the NDIS and benefit from its support services. The services keep getting updated with various inclusions to help people with variedkind of disabilities live a happy and fulfilled life, governed to a large extent independently. This level of self-reliance is only possible with the all-encompassing level of support provided by a dedicated NDIS provider such as My Safe Haven, where your well-being and happiness matters the most beyond everything.

Feel the difference in your confidence, self-sufficiency levels and feeling of belongingness with our support systems, ready to assist you in all ways while giving you the space required to grow! We help you build your community participation, career goals, networking and interpersonal communication skills for an overall refinement of personality and true independent living.


All our efforts, services and programs are dedicated to giving you a firm grip over your life with an independent and supported living. Our caregiving staff works hand-in-hand to give you control over your life through self-sufficiency and unhindered confidence that comes based on open-minded inclusivity of our programmes.


Our vision is always set on assisting you in endless ways, so you feel safe and supported at all times to take on new challenges. We want to help you grow and be assisted in every sphere of your journey to live a purposeful and truly content life. Our highly attentive, empathetic staff members are accepting and warming to participants in all aspects of living.

About Us

Our values are what help us drive things forward with a firm understanding and conviction for things.
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